Remember the time the others met Hiru, Marcus, and Dashon? Well... There was something else going on.. You're about to see what it is :

" Let's Go! " Dashon yelled, and drove off in his jeep.

Meanwhile, snoring can be heard from a nearby cave next to the mountains.

There were another group of teens there, sleeping together in a huddle.

One of them woke up, and he was a Caucasian ginger , who had a relaxed face and slightly spiked hair.

He went out of the cave to see a jeep driving off, with zombies following it.

" Guys.. G-GUYS! WAKE UP! " He yelled.

" W-what, Dusty.. " His girlfriend, who had a southern accent, yawned.

She had a soft face, braided up hair, and orange freckles that covered her cheeks.

" Scar, look.. " He motioned to the outside of the cave.

She looked and saw the zombies following the group.

" We aren't the only ones alive? and they are luring those nasty things away! " She said, joyfully.

The others woke up from Scarlett's yelling.

" Jeez, you slutty ginger, what are you squeaking about this time? " A larger girl said.

Scarlett rolled her eyes at the overweight blonde. " Gretchen, you are getting on my doggone last nerve! " She yelled.

" Girls, Girls, Don't fight! " another overweight person said. He had spike up dark hair, and glasses.

" Yeah, We're in this together. " A tall, slightly muscular guy said.

" Yeah, Noah and Shane Lee are right. " Dustin said.

" Does this mean we can leave this ratchet cave now? " Gretchen said, obnoxiously.

" Yeah, I guess. " Dustin said.

They headed out to find the others.

Now, on the present day Rachel and Oli are still searching for the others, but the two end up in a little.. disagreement.

" Lucy?! " Rachel yelled.

" Roxane?! Dashon?! " Oli yelled, too.

" Oh My God.. I have to find Lucy! "

" Hey, we need to find Lucy, Dashon, and.. yeah that's it... also! " Oli said.

" You just don't get it! " Rachel yelled, " I vowed to keep Lucy safe after her mom was eaten RIGHT infront of her face! She was devastated! I'm going to fufill my promise! " 

" Dudette, this isn't anime. It's reality, and we're in this together! " Oli yelled back.

" You know what, We don't need you, find your stupid little girl. I'm out. " Oli said.

Rachel flipped Oli off and went searching for Lucy.

Dashon held Lucy on his shoulders.

" Y'know.. This is the first time I have been on my own.. without any of my family members.. " Lucy said.

" Wow.. Must be tough... " Dashon asked.

" It's not that bad.. " Lucy said.

" Well... I lost my little sister, D'ashanae, the day of the zombie attack.. " Dashon said.

" I..I lost my mom... I saw her... blood and everything.. right infront of my own eyes.. " She said.

Dashon stopped, " I'm so sorry.. " He said.

" It's Ok! " She said smiling.

Lucy truly was brave like Dashon's little sister.

Sabrina then appeared abruptly infront of Dashon, making him fall.

Lucy fell too, " Ow! That hurt!" She yelled.

" That is nothing.. When I'm done with the dimwitted jock, he'll be sorry for entering my presence. "

" What are you talking about? ' Dashon said.

Sabrina glared at him, but before she could hex him, Lucy stepped up.

" Hey you ugly ol' hag, leave him alone! " She yelled.

" Lucy, don-- " Dashon was cut off.

" You're a rat! You're a stupid gunk-eater, and you should die in a car crash! " Lucy went on.

Sabrina got enraged and then laughed. " Hahaha, Look at me.. Your pitty names are nothing, but for you.. You just gave me an idea for your demise, foolish girl. " 

" What are you saying? " Lucy said, angrily.

" You'll soon find out. " Sabrina then disappeared.

" HEY GET BACK HERE, YOU COWARD! " Dashon yelled.

Lucy was slightly frightened, " What.. Did.. Is she going to kill me? " 

" No, I'll make sure she won't. " Dashon said.


" I'll make sure nothing will hurt Lucy.. " Rachel said, but then an earthquake happened, separating Lucy and Dashon.

" Oh No.. Where did Lucy Go?! " Dashon yelled.

Lucy was lying down, knocked out in the woods.

Meanwhile, Dustin and the others were lost in the woods, and they stumbled upon a dead body.

" AHHH! " screeched a girly scream.

" Shut Up, Shane Lee! " Gretchen said.

" S-Sorry.. " He said.

" Hey.. This looks like the girl that was in the jeep.. " Dustin said.

" You're right.. " Scarlett said.

Oli then came out of nowhere and tackled Dustin

" Gah! What the fuck man?! " Dustin yelled.


Shane Lee and Noah pulled Oli off of Dustin, and Scarlett when over to comfort Dustin.

" WE DIDN'T DO IT YOU MANIAC! " Gretchen said.

" Yeah, she was like that when we got here! " Noah yelled back.

Oli looked at them, " Dude, I know you're lying! I have already played that trick with my friends! "

" Wait.. What? " Shane Lee said.

" Uhm.. Nevermind.. " Oli said.

" Look, We're not lying we didn't do it! " Scarlett said.

" Fine.. I believe you.. " Oli said.

" But if you didn't do it, then who did.. "

Marcus was watching up in a tree and grinned, " They don't suspect me at all.. "

Meanwhile, Lucy and Rachel were backing back, until they bumped into each other.

" RACHEL!! " Lucy yelled in glee.

She jumped up on Rachel

" I'm so happy you're alive! " Rachel said.

" I missed you so much! " Lucy said.

but their rejoining was interrupted by vicious man-eating zombies.

" Run! "

They both ran for their lives while the zombies chased them down.

Midway through the woods, the other's arrive in a car, but a big bumping noise can be heard.

" GET IN! " Oli yelled.

" Hurry before they come, baldy! " Gretchen yelled.

Rachel jumps in, and the zombies approach the car with no mercy.

To Be Continued..